Justin's Nut Butter Cups wrapped in holiday sleeves on marble table


I wanted to take some stress out of holiday gifting, so I made you something….

Holiday design sleeves printed on white paper laid out with Justin's products on a textured tabletop

They’re printable gift tags(!) for all of the Nut Butter Cups and Squeeze Packs you could be sharing. It’s a holiday treat that no one will want to exchange. Not to mention ridiculously low effort for you, but I’m not judging.

Holiday design sleeves in white and dark red laid out vertically on a stone textured tabletop

So if you’re straight out of ideas for your coworkers, mail carriers/delivery angels, neighbors, teachers, etc., don’t worry, I got you!

Justin's Nut Butter Cups and Squeeze Packs wrapped in holiday design sleeves beside bucket of bells and Christmas stocking

Just click on the links below to download and print these bad boys. You will win Christmas this year, and I won’t tell anyone that you procrastinated. Promise.

Click here to print Nut Butter Cup Wrappers

Click here to print Squeeze Pack Wrappers

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