Justin's - Sustainable Squeeze Pack Journey

Since we started putting nut butters into squeeze packs in 2006, we have been actively searching for more sustainable packaging. Our goal is to solve two unintended consequences of having a nut butter squeeze pack: non-renewable packaging and landfill waste. As of today, the technology does not exists to create a fully sustainable squeeze pack film that is also compostable for gels, oils and nut butters -and it's crazy that no one really seems to care. With your help spreading awareness, we can create a revolution to change industry and force technology to catch up with the times.

Buy goods made with sustainable packaging!

- Consider it voting. Every time you purchase a good made with sustainable packaging in a store, that scan across the register is a vote in favor of better packaging. The more it sells, the more available and affordable it becomes for the masses!

Write to a large squeeze pack manufacturer and demand a sustainable pack!

- It's the good old principle of economies of scale. If the big manufactures of squeeze packs develop a renewable pack and make the switch, the materials will become available and cheaper for everyone else to start using.

Get creative!

- Keep that squeeze pack out of a landfill! Can you collect and turn your old squeeze packs into a crafty piece of art or fashion? Send us a pic!

Contact your film converter today and put pressure on them to source a more sustainable film for you to test with at least 33% renewable contents.
If your film converter cannot help, please contact one of these guys:
CP Flexible Packaging Brian Garofalo
Label Technology David Bankson
Flextec Jeff Collins

Film Converters:
Challenge resin suppliers to come up with the latest and greatest technology

Resin Suppliers:
Get ready to give us all a screaming deal so we can move the needle on creating demand for this new category

Hunter Lovins at Sustainable Squeeze Pack Summit 2010

Alex Bogusky at Sustainable Squeeze Pack Summit 2010

LeastYouCanDo.org presentation at Sustainable Squeeze Pack Summit 2010

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