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sus·tain·a·ble adj 1. capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources or causing severe ecological damage sustainable development

Although we have much room for improvement, below are some of the things we are currently doing in the name of sustainability.

All ingredients are sourced as locally and sustainably as possible
For example, our palm fruit oil comes from one of the few sustainable palm farms in the world to minimize clear-cutting of the rainforests. For more information click here
Also, all of our nuts are sourced domestically to support local economies and minimize our carbon footprint
- Peanuts from Georgia not China
- Hazelnuts from Oregon not Italy
- Almonds from California not Italy or Spain
The majority of our ingredients are Organic
Due to short supply and extraordinarily high pricing we are unable to source organic hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds at this time. Our future goals include converting all ingredients to organic
Cartons, boxes and caddies made with wind power
All cardboard is made with 100% recycled paper
Our new round jars are made from 26% less plastic and are recyclable!
No PPO- As of 2007 all US Almonds have to be pasteurized before fit for human consumption due to recent outbreaks of Salmonella. Most Almonds are treated with the chemical and known carcinogen propylene oxide (PPO) while we pay a premium to have all of our almonds steam pasteurized.
No GMOs: We are currently in the process of verifying our products with the Non-GMO Project in order to bear the Non-GMO Project Seal on our packaging.
No VOC-We use Zero VOC inks on out cartons and squeeze packs
No BPA-Our jars are BPA-free
In 2010, we made a commitment to sustainable packaging. Our goal is to implement a compostable squeeze pack film by December 2012. We need your help to achieve our goal! To find out more visit our Sustainable Squeeze Pack Journey here
Living in Boulder, CO gives us 360 days of sunshine each year! Our whole team tries to ride our bikes, carpool or ride the bus to work whenever possible

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