Anyone else miss celebrating Valentine’s Day in elementary school? The days when you pulled out the glue sticks and spent hours cutting out red construction paper hearts to craft valentine’s cards for all of your classmates. They were always affixed to a cherry lollipop or conversation hearts or (best case scenario) CHOCOLATE. This year, why not tap into your inner child and get crafty for Valentine’s Day? Forget the roses. Nothing says “I love you” (or even “I kinda like you”) like Peanut Butter Cups with an extra special touch of craftiness.


First off, if you’ve been hibernating for a while, you might not know that adult coloring books are a thing now.  The act of coloring boosts creativity, relieves stress and promotes happiness. Grab your crayons…and a Peanut Butter Cup.

Blog- Coloring Book

Now, the possibilities for this printable valentine’s coloring page are endless. You can print it out, color it yourself and tape that Peanut Butter Cup right on the front to share with your sweetheart. OR, you can give blank copies away (with a PB Cup, of course), so your friends can color it themselves. My suggestion? Do both. Win win win.


Click to download and print your Valentine’s Coloring Page.